One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Ryoumichi Tanuma

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PostSubject: Ryoumichi Tanuma   Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:43 pm

Name: Ryoumichi E. Tanuma
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg
Hobbies: Whittling, sailing and 'tussling'.
Likes: The seas, the skies, settling arguements with fighting, naturalists, making friends, being called 'Ryou', and he prefers being addressed casually.
Dislikes: Barren deserts, diplomacy, air/water/earth pollutants/polluters, making enemies, being called 'Tanuma', or 'Ryoumichi', and Ryou haaaaates being addressed formally.
Occupation: Fisherman, Hunter, and Farmer.
Allegiance: Neutral... For now...

Appearance: Ryoumichi has a strong, sturdy, well muscled, middle-sized body. He is around 5 feet tall and 150-170 lbs, but he has never let anyone measure him in any way. His skin tone used to be fairer than the average fair maiden, but due to endless hours toiling in the sun, he became darkly tanned. He has thick, black hair which is a tangled mess above Ryou's eyes. His stone gray eyes seem cold and angry even when he's happy. Ryoumichi is usually wearing a baggy tunic, normally beige, blue denim jeans, and tan heavy-duty steel-toed leather boots.

Personality: Mirthful. Truthful. Kind. Saintly. These words make up the most of this section. However, Ryou puts on a cruel, evil mask most of the time, because of an unfotunate past experience. Ryou is actually a well-tempered man who would put his life on the line to protect any person he saw who was in danger. If and when Ryou sees that somebody is honestly and truely trustworthy, he will cease his masquerade and open up to this noble being. He is wary of Pirates, but that is nothing compared to his loathing of marine officers.

Ryou nearly died when he was 6, but he was saved by a great scientist and made into a cyborg. Unknowing of this fact, Ryou has lived the 26 years as one normally would. Ryou was a bounty hunter in his youth. He began this profession when he was 13. Reason being, pirates had pillaged his home town. He despised them.

Enter Kimmyko Shinobu- The woman of Ryou's dreams. Then stolen away from him without a word of farewell.
Kimmyko was a marine whose rank was very low. The son of one of the admirals, who was much older, fell madly in love with her at first sight. This reaction did not reciprocate though. Though she was only 19, the man asked her hand in marriage.
He even bribed Kimmyko, then threatened her, then kept her captive. Finally, she reluctantly agreed to being betrothed to the admiral's son. Two days before the engagement ceremony, Kimmyko met Ryou while he was searching for a small-timer pirate. Then, they fell in love, had babies, married, et cetera, et cetera.
Kimmyko and Ryou had planned to take their family of five on a little vacation, but on the day of the trip, three marine ships arrived at their doorstep. Literally. They lived near a port town, on the water. Meaning, they lived in a house boat. The ships belonged to no other than the admiral's son from before. When he arrived inside, he only had eyes for Kimmyko. He started weeping as he threw himself at her feet. He pleaded, begged, promised her things even she knew he couldn't get.

The admiral had been demoted, sacked, and jailed for a little scenario that he had been the ring leader of. His son had come into debt, accidentally let several prisoners go, and he also had several other misfortunes fall upon him as well. Finally, it seemed that things were getting better and better for him. however, he hadn't noticed Ryou or the three children who were standing silently, staring at the strange scene in front of them. It was strange indeed. A man of forty or fifty crying at the feet of a married woman who shares no relation to him.

Ryou felt great sympathy for the man. But this did not mean that he should give his wife and all of the love they shared to some outsider. However, he allowed the admiral's son to stay with them, despite his wife's protesting. On the second night of the trip, halfway to their destination, the old man finally discovered the relationship between Ryou and Kimmyko.

In a rage, he stormed out of the dining area and took a life boat back to his own ship, which still sat at the port of the town where they had started their voyage at. On the fourth morning of the voyage, the admiral came back, but it wasn't only his three little transport ships. He had come with an entire fleet of large attack galleons. He had fed a cock-and-bull story of pirates to the rest of the marines, saying the pirates were on Ryou's boat. The marines blasted the boat clear out of the ocean and everywhere else.

Later, Ryou found himself on a sandy beach with the admiral's son standing over him, with bladed brass knuckles in hand. Acting on instinct, Ryou grabbed the 'knuckles out of the man's hand, and attacked him. After, Ryou discovered that his family had been murdered by the man whom he had killed.

  • Plated gauntlets
  • Chainmail shirt
  • Bladed Brass Knuckles
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PostSubject: Re: Ryoumichi Tanuma   Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:10 pm

I see no Issues with this.

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Ryoumichi Tanuma
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