One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Darrian Seige

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PostSubject: Darrian Seige   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:06 pm

Name: Darrian
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: human
Hobbies(Optional): tinkering and experimenting.
Likes(Optional): fine food, science, reading, and a good challenge.
Dislikes(Optional): ambushes.
Occupation(Can be more than one): Pirate and Scientist.
Allegiance: His crew: The Outlaw Pirates.

Appearance: in the link below, but I'll fill in the colour. He has reddish/brown hair and his cloths are different shades of blacks/grays/ and browns. His hat is black. I'll throw in a coloured version whenever I get my tablet.

Personality: Mild tempered and slow to anger he is quite intelligent and flexes his skills as a strategist and tinkerer. With a love of libraries and fine dining he's more like a wealthy scientist than a pirate but his love of a good challenge and new discoveries brought him to the Grand Line in search of better things.

History: Hailing from a small town in the West Blue, Darrian was fascinated by his scientific father who would allow him to help with his experiments in his lab, though his highest point of fascination was the Devil Fruit encyclopedia and after many night of reading it he became utterly astounded by one in particular; the Logia class Mecha Mecha no Mi which had the power to turn someone into a Metal Man giving them control of all things metallic both extenally and as if the person was made of Metal.

At the age of 24 his father came into the lab exhausted and scared out of his wits carrying a small package, when asked his father merely told him to take it and and hide. Not wanting to disagree with him Darrian ran to hide as a group of pirates stormed in and seized his father demanding the fruit at gun point. realizing what it was Darrian unwrapped the package revealing the bright red Devil fruit of the Mecha Mecha no Mi, then against all his wants and believing it would save his father he brought it out. The Captain laughed at the boy's 'stupidity' and thanked him before knocking them both unconscious and running off. Darrian later found out the fruit was his as a gift after being stolen from the captain, and knowing that his father went to such lengths for him he decided to venture out and retrieve his father's gift no matter the cost. Over the next few days he planned what actions to take and brought in his best friend Jeremy Fayng who was a accomplished Navigator into his plan. The two discovered that the Pirate captain who owned the Mecha Mecha no Mi was heading for the Grand Line; so as of that night leaving only a note for his father Darrian and Jeremy hijacked a boat from the local harbor and made for the Grand Line.

Current Situation: It's 1 year later and Darrian is now Captain of the Outlaw Pirate with his first mate Jeremy, the two have since made a small crew including a gambling cook, a wild female swordsman, and a mysterious archer. Together the 5 of them have chased their prey to the Red Line and now discover that they must find how to enter the Grand Line in order to continue the chase.

Weapons: He creates his own weapons, from wrist mounter guns to hidden spiked shoes. His own actual weapons are 2 swords he has strapped to his waste.

-Metal Shotgun '12th -1st' Gauge (a main attack where as the punch force cocks a spring and fires a second immediate impact *the complexity of this attack only happens after Devil Fruit consumption*)
-Metal Volley (think Gumu Gomu Gattling)
-Twin Barrel (punches with both arms crossing at the end (left hand to right side, right hand to left side)
-Metal Blast (Punches with clasped hands)
*DF*-Metal Cutter (one or two long blades emerge from his arms and over the back of his hand)
*DF*-Metal Wrecking Ball (clasps hands together, makes them grow and then swings it over his head like a mace)
*DF*-Metal Javelin (turning one arm into a javelin he grabs it with the other hand and throws )
*DF*-Metal Ballista (hand becomes spiked and he does the same as Javelin)
*DF*-Metal Cannon (puts his arm out beside him and using the pressure inside his body to propel a cannon ball)
*DF*-Mecha V2 (similar to gear 2nd; Darrian uses the inside of his body like a high performance engine to increase his speed immensely)
*DF*-Mecha V3 (similar to Gear 3rd; Darrian absorbs as much metal surrounding him as he can to increase his size and mass)
*DF*-Metal Transformation (changes his body into various weapons, equipment, or vehicles.

*DF*: means that this ability require him to consume the Mecha Mecha no Mi which hasn't happened yet.

(more to come as he gets more experience, can change if needed)

EDIT: I edited this cause I saw you have to earn points for the Devil Fruits, should've caught that earlier.
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Darrian Seige
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