One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Leonard B. Hone

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PostSubject: Leonard B. Hone   Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:43 am

Name: Leonard B. Hone
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hobbies(Optional): Loves to sharpen his swordsmanship, strength, and agility.
Likes(Optional): Strong opponents that never give up.
Dislikes(Optional): Cowards and cheaters.
Occupation(Can be more than one): Pirate
Alleigence: To his comrades.

Appearance: He is lean, 5'11", and shaggy blonde hair. He wears a blue, leather-like, short-sleeve, long back jacket with many empty pockets in the front and his pirate flag symbol on the back (simple skull and cross-bones. He has long blue jeans and a white shirt that has a simple skull and cross-bones on the front (his pirate flag symbol). His eyes are blueish-green. His teeth are a little too perfect for a pirate. His most valuable piece of clothing is his mother and father's necklaces that he wears on his left and right wrists like a bracelet. He also has his own original necklace that he wears around his neck. He also seems to always have a grin or smile in the most dangerous and deadly situations.

Personality: He is quick to fight, even in the most stupid and outragous circumstaces. Even though he loves a good fight, he also loves to relax and look up at the night sky. He has never cursed a single word that would consider him "dirty" or "filthy mouthed". For that reason, even though he never gets too angry, it is hard for him to take out his frustration using words. Instead, he either smashes or slices up rocks and trees.

History: Leonard is from a small island in South Blue that was famous for its rich and mysterious history, until it was erased out of history by the World Government. At the age of 9, his homeland was masacured by the infamous Buster Call. His father before the incident was a retired and in-hiding pirate that had an unkown bounty that worked in a blacksmith shop. Leonard's mother was a beautiful and skilled jewlery maker that stayed at home for her work to take care of Leonard. The Buster Call annhilated everyone and everything, even the childern and women of the island including Leonard's mother and father. Leonard was in the forest going home after some exploring when the incident happened. When the Buster Call was started for some unknown reason, he ran home to help his mom. He came home and all he saw was his mother's favorite necklace that Leonard's father had given her when they met for the first time alone infront of his burning house. He then went to his dad to ask him to go look for with him until he was yelled at to leave. He never stopped running. But, when he reached his dad in the already burned down workshop, he was lifted off his feet by his father and carried away to the hidden beach of the island near a rowboat and told to stay. After a long wait, Leonard went searching and found his father fighting off all five of the Marine Vice-Admirals. His father saw him and threw him his necklace that Leonard's mother gave him the first time they met and was told to escape on the small rowboat to, "Anywhere but here!" Leonard then saw his dad fight valiently for his homeland until his father collapsed and said, "I'm sorry Leo..." After the Buster Call, Leonard wanted to take revenge on the corrupt World Government spending year after year training his endurence and swordsmanship.

Weaponry/Equipment: He carries a large 6' long, 9" wide, double-edged claymore on his back that has a curved tip like a katana, V-shaped cross-guard with hollowed out 3 leaf clover-like tips, and a blade made entierly out of sea stone (kuroseki) on his back without a sheath.
He also has a normal sized katana that has a cross-guard shaped like a 3 leaf clover which he carries on his left hip in a pure white sheath.
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Leonard B. Hone
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