One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Alberto.T.Wallet "Bright Knight"

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PostSubject: Alberto.T.Wallet "Bright Knight"   Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:58 am

Name: Alberto.T.Wallet "Bright Knight"

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Likes(Optional): Alberto loves to sail and explore different kinds of islands

Dislikes(Optional): Alberto Dislikes to become ordered around

Occupation(Can be more than one): Captain/Swordsman

Alleigence: Pirate


Alberto stands at 8'7 and weighs around 158 Pounds due to his fit and musulair body, his beard is dark brown and is nicely trimed covering his chin . His eyes match the color of his beard however they are a bit lighter his hair is a smooth and straight black, in usual occasions he wears a red bandanna followed by a black and yellow cap which covers both of his arms under it he wears a long sleeved white shirt. For his trousers/pants he wears a brown belt and baggy black trousers/pants which reaches to his ankles, he also wears light brown sandels

Personality: Alberto is a care-free kind of person who enjoyes adveture and exploring, however he is quite smart aswell he tends to create plans on how to defeat a certain enemy and such. Al also like to crack jokes to brighten up a dark mood, training is a fun activity for him and he tends to do it as much as he can but at the same time it is quite boring and dull. Al takes his crew seriously and would harm anybody how mocks or hurts them, he also enjoyes to order his crew around it gives him a relaxed feeling that he can trust and rely on them if something went wrong. While sailing he is usually relaxed and calm meaning he doesn't really order his crew around while they are sailing, he tends to let them enjoy the thrill of sailing the sea instead of making them work in cabins and such

History: Alberto being born in Drum Island had to cope with cold weathers and snow, it didn't really bother for he enjoyed to play in it. Alberto's parents were nice, kind people who happened to die before he reached the age of 2. So now Alberto lives with his unlce in a small cottage, due to his uncle not being very rich he had to often go and work as a bartender in a small bar which was pretty close to the cottage. While his Uncle was away, Alberto always used to run around in the snow and stare at pirate ships which passed by he aimed to one day be a strong pirate captain with a big crew. Alberto was also great at handiling the sword for he practiced it many times before, he would walk up to a tree and pick up a stick and then start to hit it very quickly and accuratley he would do this for 20 to 25 minutes and then return to the cottage where his uncle would be returning from work.

Many years past and Alberto was improving in swordsminship and was very eager to become a great pirate, his uncle soon died of a diesease and Alberto soon had no-one to take care of him. He went to visit his uncle's grave and promised him that one day he would become a well known pirate who's name would be known all over the world. At the age of 16 he decided to set sail as a pirate so he made a small raft and set sail in search of crew mates.

While Alberto was sailing he encounterd many pirates which he took down with ease and soon he gained a bounty of 8,000 many marines were sent after him however he took them down with ease aswell, while he was at another island he decided to paint his crew flag, it took around 30 minutes but it was worth it for it looked great. Once he was finished with his flag he set sail and felt that he was closer to his goal for with this flag he would be classified as a pirate, the more he sailed with this flag of his the more he felt confident on achieving his goal.

Every night he would train on a certain island and learn different techniques which really benefited him on the journeys he went on, day after day he would train harder and harder for all of the night and the only time where he got to rest was when sailing where he would sleep on his small raft under the blue sky.

Alberto soon raised his bounty to 9,000 due to him stealing some food from a wealthy village, it wasn't entirely his fault for not having enough beli. So one day Al decided to temporarily stop his travels to start his own fruit shop on a very busy island, after a few months of selling fruit he finally gained a fair amount of beli. So he sold his fruit shop to a young customer who often visited and set off to resume his daily travels.

Shop-keeper look:

During his travels he encountered a crew who attacked him while he was sailing on his small raft, they attempted to grapple onto his ship and take his beli. However as soon as they grappled onto his raft he quickly took off his flag and swiftly ran along the thin rope, once he was on their ship he tied his flag across his neck and wore it like some sort of cape and quickly took out the pirates using his katana.

Soon he was in possession of a great ship which looked like it had 3 rooms, Alberto quickly painted a bigger version of the flag and hung it up.

"Hehe, looks great." Al said as he chuckled, he yet again felt like he was one step closer to achieving his goal.

Weaponry/Equipment: Katana
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Alberto.T.Wallet "Bright Knight"
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