One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Mane Mane no Mi

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PostSubject: Mane Mane no Mi   Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:59 pm

Name: Mane Mane no Mi

Type: Paramecia

Discription: The fruit allows the user to become a flawless copy of someone he touches with his right hand, in both face and body. It also allow the user to take on strong opponents with their own strong copied bodies and abilities. Since they mimic a copied persons strength and others that means they also possibly gain that persons weaknesses whatever they might be.

Their copied abilities must be gained through touch and some stronger opponents are hard to get close to. If the copied person possesses any Devil Fruit power, the user will not be able to mimic this power. Furthermore, while the fruit allows the user to flawlessly copy the physique of a chosen individual, it does not allow them to imitate or adapt to the skills or fighting abilities of the person being impersonated. The user may not be able to use their own techniques depending on what form they take, as Mr. 2 is unable to use his Okama Kenpo while in Nami's form, as Nami has not trained as much as he has. Of course, the user cannot also copy weapons or items unique to the one being mimicked, forcing them to improvised, either by acquiring an imitation or stealing the actual objects. The fruit also has the power to make the user remember the face of anyone they touch. Of course, the user cannot morph their appearance into a person whose face they have never touched before, making it impossible to morph into someone that the user has never met beforehand. Apparently, the user can manifest several features belonging to different people at the same time, though this mostly comes off as comical and affords no strategical battle advantage whatsoever, making this fruit usable only for purposes like stealth, infiltration, and subterfuge.
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Mane Mane no Mi
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