One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Horo Horo no Mi

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PostSubject: Horo Horo no Mi   Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:49 pm

Name: Horo Horo no Mi

Type: Paramecia

Discription: The major strength of the fruit firstly, as demonstrated by Perona, is that it gives its user the ability to produce spectral replicas that they can control. These replicas can come in different forms and are all immune to physical attacks. The most basic of these forms are Negative Ghosts. Should a person be passed through by one of these, they immediately fall on their knees in manner similar to Foxy and become very negative about themselves. These replicas can also be used to gather information from different areas.

Though the power of the user's Negative Ghosts are seemingly unavoidable, they have no effect on a person who is originally pessimistic about himself. This is clearly seen when several of Perona's Negative Ghosts passed through Usopp. Usopp, being pessimistic about his own abilities, was completely unaffected by them, in fact Usopp even caused the negative ability to backfire on Perona and her Negative ghosts causing them to collapse with negativity.

The ability to make the replicas explode has been shown. The strength of the explosion seems to be directly related to the size of the replica that explodes (the bigger the replica the stronger the explosion).

The user also, in order to use a more advanced form of a ghost, becomes completely limp and immobile. This is because this is a form of astral projection of their consciousness using the Devil Fruit's power. Their astral projection may be strong against physical attacks but while they are projecting their consciousness, their main body is completely susceptible to any attack.

Other than those mentioned, the user is also susceptible to standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.
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Horo Horo no Mi
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