One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Suke Suke no Mi

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PostSubject: Suke Suke no Mi   Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:53 pm

Name: Suke Suke no Mi

Type: Paramecia

Discription: The Suke Suke no Mi's primary ability is to make the user invisible. This ability also extends to anything in direct contact with the user. Because of this ability, the user can spy on conversations without detection (as well as allowing them to peek on girls) and also allows them to abduct people with no chance of being tracked. This also allows them to have hidden weapons to attack with such as bazookas. They can even turn entire ships invisible in order to make a quick getaway. The main flaw of this ability is that their presence can be revealed if they are stained by objects, such as water, salt, blood, etc. Although, they can most likely compensate by turning the stain invisible. However, the opponent still has a chance to notice them. Another weakness is that if the user gets too close to an opponent, they might get struck if the opponent gets in a lucky hit. Also, the opponent may resort to other senses (hearing, smelling, etc.) to detect the invisible user. Other than that, the user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.
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Suke Suke no Mi
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