One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 Monte's Move

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PostSubject: Monte's Move   Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:21 pm

Fighting Style: His fighting style closely resembles a heavy tanker, dealing heavy blows with every swing and has a quick reaction. He will hardly make any unneccesay movement such as moving in one spot or fighting stance though he will use his fighting stance if he finds the opponent worth while. He will basicly walk towards the enemy while taking them down with one swing.


Fearful Massacre: a high speed fatal heavy blow of ten strikes, able to strike through any object even the slightest touch is fatal which needs alot amount of room to execute. Though he could do it in tight corner but would greatly reduce the power and speed of the original which seems like a waste for him.

Lucky Seven: an illusion Monte plays on the enemy which makes his strikes unpredictable as it would go from seven different angle.

Shift Break: Monte slightly shift the enemies centre mass which would easily make them lose they're balance, falling down the ground, simply by knocking them, a light punch or kick, and touching them in certain areas.

Partner's Call: Monte becomes an extra pair of arms and legs for whoever his fighting along side with. He would stick close to him or her, even use him or her as a shield, and he would be the sword or the other way around. This odd move is even capable of fending of the thoughest marine or pirate but takes alot of stamina to maintain which is why he hates using this move. Only usable if he has a partner. His partner could be anyone from a wooden pole to the strongest foe's.

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PostSubject: Re: Monte's Move   Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:12 pm

lucky seven is two techniques

1. the illusion of the way the swords moves, it moves through the use of seven diffrent angles

2. the illusion to appear to be in a diffrent place then you actually are

the basis is difrrent so please explain or please change it ^^
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Monte's Move
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