One Piece: Dawn of the Pirates

A One piece RP start as a small pirate or marine, but grow to rule the seven seas or to rid the seas of the pirates
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 The Blood Pirates

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PostSubject: The Blood Pirates   Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:16 pm

Name: The Blood Pirates

Captain: Lyca D. Ketsueki

Name of the ship/s: Ketsu Wave

Ship/Fleet flag:

List of members and their functions. A member can have multiple functions.

Name: Sakura Romanov
Function: Navigator
Personality: She is more grown up and noble like, she has a sofisticated fell to her. She has a infatuation towards Lyca, Lyca's childish impulsove behaviour is very amusing and refreshing for her.
Skills: Bushindo, Swordmanship
History: Lyca was wondering about on her small rowboat as hse crashed into a riff beofre a small island, The island was a small kingdom and was pretty secluded. Yet in this kingdom the noble looked down upon the civilians. One noble however detested the situation the noble was Sakura, not being able to change anything and having to put up a fake show to not gwet casted out she lived a horrifing life. A life not her own, the only thing she did that was not predetermined was learning about naviagtion, she did this by reading the books her dad left her. They were the only things left of him. Lyca wanting to move further on the oceans she crashed into the castle where sakura lived, it had the highest tower on the island and would be perfect to overlook the island. She crashed into the room of sakura who was just changing. She pulled her katana from its sheath and a small fight broke loose, Lyca dodged a fatal blow to the head and placed a strong uppercut to her jaw. Sakura laughed and cried as her legs gave out, She finnaly had a taste of life, a real feeling a sensation of joy. Lyca conviced Sakura to join her crew and together they stole a large boat and Set out to sea.

Name: Damian
Gender: Male
Function: Carpenter
Personality :He is grumpy, and usualy short tempered, he always scolds Lyca for breaking stuff on the boat.
Skills: He fights using a black metal rod it is shaped in a medievil sword but it has no edges.
History: She met him on an island and after getting better aquinted and loosing her current boat she made him build her and sakura a new one. When it was time to set sail they kidnapped him even though he said he would come anyway. They named the boat Ketsu Wave.
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The Blood Pirates
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